Trans Family Support Services Transgender Support Group in Alabama – Virtual During COVID

TransFamily Support Group Parents/Caregivers of Trans & Non Binary Folks

3:00 – 4:30 PM
2nd Sunday of Every Month


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Children under 12 can enjoy a playgroup while the parents are meeting.

transgender help and services in alabama
Ali Munshi and Kathie MoehIig

Regional Director – Alison “Ali” Munshi

Ali is a true leader in bringing support and advocacy for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth to Alabama. Along with founding and serving as Regional Director of the Huntsville chapter of TransFamily Support Services, Ali helped launched the first GLSEN chapter in Alabama and serves on the board of PFLAG Huntsville.

A compassionate guide and passionate trailblazer, Ali is a support group facilitator for PFLAG and co-facilitates the TransFamily Support Services support group. She has advocated for trans students in both elementary and high schools and has written for LGBTeen Magazine.

Ali has been an advocate for children for her entire professional career, currently working in child abuse prevention and previously in adoption services. A former public school teacher, Ali also served as a Welcoming Schools Facilitator for Human Rights Campaign, training elementary school staff to be LGBTQ-inclusive. A lifelong volunteer for humanity, she has worked with nonprofits in Nicaragua, East Africa, Haiti, and India, and has organized programs that provided books to children affected by Hurricane Katrina and consistent food to children affected by poverty.

Ali’s personal journey in the LGBTQ arena began when her transgender teen was just a toddler, pushing back against gender assumptions. As part of an often-moving military family, Ali has had many opportunities to advocate for her child in new schools and communities. She spent years utilizing local and online support, sharing resources, and connecting with other parents of trans kids before becoming a leader in the trans family community.


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