Team TFSS is Here to Help You and Your Family, here’s how:

Insurance/Medical Navigation

Our Insurance/Medical Navigator is here to assist you and your family maneuver with more ease through the process of insurance denials and help you be prepared to get an approval! We take pride in our Insurance/Medical Navigation services as we know how difficult it can be to work with insurance companies to get approvals for affirming surgeries and other things. 

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Family Engagement Sessions

Family Engagement Sessions are our approach to aiding both youth and their parents/caregivers in understanding one another in the early stages of ones gender journey. Lead by Kathie Moehlig, our Founder & Executive Director, these sessions will prepare parents/caregivers for the journey ahead and provide youth with a supportive partner who will help advocate for them.

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Support Groups

We offer pre-teen, teen, young adult, and parent support groups throughout every month! These groups are a supportive and inviting space for anyone who is apart of the LGBTQ+ community or starting their journey of gender to find community with others of similar experience. All support groups are virtual and free of cost!

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Trainings and Education opportunities provided by Team TFSS are interactive and engaging sessions for other organizations, educators, corporations, and anyone wanting to have a deeper more well-rounded understanding of the transgender and nonbinary community. These sessions are designed to educate and empower attendees to leave more competent of transgender and nonbinary identities in our society.

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GenderJunk: Gender Affirming Gear

Our Gender Affirming Gear Program, GenderJunk, provides free-of-cost clothing items to affirm ones gender. 

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