Southern California Transgender Resources

Find transgender resources in Southern California listed below. Click on the title/organization name for additional information.

Transforming Family Support Group

A San Diego based family support group that meets once a month and provides a supportive environment for families with gender-diverse children and adolescents, and gives parents the chance to share their challenges, questions, and resources. Separate support groups are offered for teens and playgroups for young children.


Camp Laurel

A free summer camp for trans and non-binary youth aged 10-17, including free transportation from select locations. The program provides the traditional camping experience, while also adding an understanding of issues and needs unique to this community. In addition to the usual camping activities, youth can also select to participate in workshops on trans rights, sex education and healthy relationships, and more.

LGBT Center – San Diego

A center providing resources to LGBTQ+ and HIV positive community members through creating a safe space, a source of community, and a place to “promote and support cultural diversity.” They host a variety of programs for LGBTQ+ and HIVE positive veterans, seniors, adults, and youth.

North County LGBTQ Resource Center

Providing a safe space in North County for LGBTQ+ Individuals. They host a variety of activities, services, and events for LGBTQ+ veterans, seniors, adults, teens, and youth. They also provide much needed resources to the community.