Kyler’s Konnections helps make the journey of transitioning less frightening and isolating by connecting a trans or gender nonbinary person who has been on the path a little longer, to someone who may be more new to this part of their lives. Not only do KK mentors help answer questions that may come up in this process, but they are also there as a resource in the difficult navigation of the world as a whole.

Become A Transgender Mentor

We want to do all we can to lift up our youth, and that takes community involvement. If you are a trans or non-binary adult with the time and desire to make a difference in our community, please fill out an application HERE or find us at a community event for a paper form. All mentors will need to complete the necessary background checks and attend Kyler’s Konnections training before being matched with a mentee. Matches will be based on but not limited to factors like experience, personality, age, interests, and location, and mentors will be expected to make a weekly commitment to the program.

Become A Transgender Mentee

If you or your child are interested in being a mentee, we will be announcing phase two of the program after we have finished training our first group of mentors, so be on the lookout for more exciting announcements! Please sign up your youth now to get them on the list.