Our Vision

A world where ALL genders are accepted & treated EQUALLY

Our Mission

TransFamily Support Services saves lives by shaping a gender
affirming and accepting Community.

“Gender identity and fluidity are not usual dinner table subjects in most families. When you have a kiddo tell you they don’t feel that they are the gender they were born, it can be scary, overwhelming, and isolating. My child experienced a lot of confusion and even began self harming before we finally figured out something was up. I wanted to be supportive, but I didn’t know how to help my child. I scoured the Internet and read books, but after a friend introduced me to TFSS, we knew we had found the BEST resource for our family. Kathie immediately opened her heart and vast knowledge base to us. TFSS provided invaluable support and resources to navigate this journey. I am so grateful to have found her and her wonderful organization.”


Carlsbad, CA

“TransFamilySOS has been very helpful to Will and our family, as he sought insurance approval for his hysterectomy. Kathie and her organization helped us navigate the many rules and hoops that were required in order to get the green light. We happily recommend their services if you find yourself facing an insurance denial like we did.”


Encinitas, CA

“Kathie and I first met when she and her family were just beginning their journey. She had already jumped in with both feet and I could see that she was prepared to lead, to follow, and to journey alongside her amazing son. In subsequent years I have seen her become the amazing educator and community leader that she is. Kathie’s knowledge and experience with the social, medical and legal issues that affect individual families and the larger community make her an invaluable resource and advocate. Never have I seen the combination of compassion, insight and drive that Kathie possesses. I would wholeheartedly recommend TFSS to any family, whether they’re in need of full support and guidance, or specific areas of assistance.”


San Diego, CA

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