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TransFamily Support Services Transgender Support Group in Alabama

TransFamily Support Services in Alabama Provides:

TransFamily Support Services offers, Navigation for the Journey – We help TGNC peoples across the nation find gender-affirming healthcare, mental health care, and safe spaces within their area; health insurance and legal navigation, to help ease the transition process; as well as free peer-to-peer support groups across various age groups, including support groups for the parents of TGNC kids, and free Family Engagement Sessions to ensure a supportive and affirming home life. TFSS Alabama Chapter extends these same services to the regional state, with a focus on uplifting and referring folks to the LGBTQ+ centers and organizations throughout the state that would be more accessible to their needs.

transgender help and services in alabama

Alabama’s 2nd Annual Trans Pride!

Building off the incredible success of last year’s event (over 300 in attendance), this year is sure to be bigger and better. Trans Pride is a wonderful community event allowing us the space to share our Trans Joy loudly and proudly. It’s a time to be entertained, make connections with others in the community and find resources you may not have known existed.

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Send us a message for additional information. Or write to alabama[a]TransFamilySOS.org | Call 256-344-3883