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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Reef’s Journey

A little boy runs. He jumps into mud puddles, catches frogs, climbs trees. He plays outdoors ‘til mom calls him to come in for dinner. His brothers, mom, dad all sit at the table. “Let’s say grace.” Growing up in the South and out in the country, I felt a lot of joy,...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Mani’s Journey

I remember... I remember being corralled into segregated bathroom lines in preschool. Instinctively, my brain said "Why am I with the girls? I shouldn't be in this line, I should be with the boys." I remember being pulled out of the Boys' Room by my arm and told...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Grey’s Journey

On the cold tile of the singular gender neutral bathroom is where I feel safest. In the luxurious lawn chairs sprinkled throughout campus, sitting alone with the hum of the freeway and the chirping of birds I feel… safe. At least until I feel the confused eyes of...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Illisie’s Journey

  *This blog contains sensitive material. "You’re not a girl, you’re just an imitation of one." Seems like today’s going to be a dysphoria day. And that thing between your legs is proof. And on the way to Italian food too, it does not know when to quit. Then the...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Kieran’s Journey

I am not a girl. It took me years to realize and come to terms with it, but I am not. No way around it. No technicalities. I am not a girl, and I never was. But I didn’t always know that. It didn’t matter so much when I was young. After all, boys and girls are treated...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Gregory’s Journey

Sometimes, I forget my transness. I forget the world has made me feel small so many times. I forget how many nights I ran away from myself. Now I come home and rest in the safety I craved. I did not know the language, but I knew the feeling of separating my mind from...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Elio’s Journey

When I was a child, I had no concept of gender. I was, in all meanings of the word, free. I played with whatever toys I wanted to, imagined myself as whatever I wanted, galivanting around without a care in the world. My head was so far in the clouds it barely felt the...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Evan’s Journey

My journey with my gender started when my identical twin sister came out as gay in the 8th grade. Suddenly, things made sense for her. Why she felt the way that she did about the lady at our church who taught us Japanese, why she didn’t want her Barbie's to marry...

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Gender Dysphoria & Me: Martin’s Journey

When I was in middle school, I never really felt seen or understood for who I was. I can remember — to this day — constantly reciting to myself, as if it were a prayer: “Things will be different in high school.” Spoiler: They were not. When I finally started high...

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