Family Engagement Sessions

No Fee and Completely Confidential

Family Engagement Sessions (FES) are held in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your home or via Zoom for clients, not in Southern California.

Our focus is to provide the necessary education and resources so everyone is prepared to navigate this journey and, most of all, to understand and accept your child.

We have open communication with the youth and family members as they progress through their transition.

*FES are currently all virtual due to the pandemic.

Our staff comes ready with education materials, information and resources to educate you, your youth and family members on what it means to be transgender and the transition process.

Navigating insurance and coverage for doctors, medication and the procedures necessary during transition can be complicated. TFSS has the expertise to help you figure out the process.

It is important that the school environment is affirming and accepting for all trans youth during and after transition. We help guide you and will attending meetings at the school to help build a positive environment.

Medical professionals with experience and aptitude to work with the trans community are a common request. We work with many of these professionals and have a list of physicians and therapist that are trained and competant in transgender medical and mental care.

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