Transgender Buddy Program

Connecting gender diverse elementary aged youth with one another. Building friendships and supporting families across the country.

Often our elementary-aged gender diverse kiddos share with us and their families that they’re the only person like them in their class, grade, or even entire school. While our middle schoolers and high schoolers can sometimes find solace in schools clubs or classes that are safe gathering points for our LGBTQ+ students, there is a general lack of that visibility at the elementary level.

Like Me! aims to remedy that. We know for a fact that our gender diverse littles are not the only person like them in the country– or sometimes even their own neighborhood. Through our application and social events, we hope to help families with young gender kiddos find each other and build lasting friendships that will grow as their littles do!

Find A Match!

If you’re interested in finding a new maybe best friend, please click to apply to be a part of this program! If you and your little are looking more for an older trans person to help guide you through your gender journey, please check out our Kyler’s Konnections Mentorship Program.

This program is specifically intended for youth who are still in elementary school, if you or your child are looking for resources for older trans youth, please check out our support groups that meet over Zoom.