Below is a link to an informative article entitled “Gender Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom,” which was co-written by TransFamily Support Services board member, Charles Goehring Ph.D, and activist Hillary Whittington.  Both authors are parents of transgender children.

An excerpt about the article:

We understand gender diversity as the notion that issues of diversity should include gender in all its variations, and gender inclusivity as the idea that all gender identities and expressions should be validated and included. We are a communication scholar who studies gender identity and rhetoric (Charles) and an activist for transgender people and parent of a transgender child (Hillary). . . .

The purpose of this essay is not simply to help those students who may be experiencing a transgender identity but also to help educators and all students begin the process of communicating and interacting in ways that will make other students comfortable with their own identities and with alternative understandings of gender.

Gender Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom

It’s a good read. Thank you Charles and Hillary for your scholarly contribution to an ever-growing and evolving dialogue!