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The 2021 Trans Family Support Services Board of Directors

Kate Budd



Kate Budd brings extensive marketing and organizational development experience to TFSS. As the parent of a transgender child, she is dedicated to using her skills to help ensure the education and advocacy work of TFSS can continue to grow. Kate is the local coordinator for the Bikes for Kids Foundation and works full time as the COO of a national insurance lead brokerage. She has a BA in Communications from the University of San Diego and enjoys hiking, yoga, and travel.

Jesse Pullen


Vice President

Jesse Pullen, Chief Petty Officer, is an active duty military member with 11 years of service and was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He transitioned in 2017, with a long history of volunteering within the LGBTQ+ community. His passion for connecting with folks and volunteering in the community led him to TransFamily Support Services. He joined the TFSS board because he believes the organization’s mission can truly affect change. Jesse holds AS degrees in both Business Administration and Human Resources.

Kathleen Pearson,SPHR



Kathleen brings her broad-based experience in human resources to the Transfamily Support Services (TFSS) Board to help grow the organization and its reach in supporting trans and non-binary youth across the nation. With her knack for rolling up her sleeves and getting things done, and her family having been the direct recipient of the support TFSS provides to parents and families, Kathleen plays a pivotal role in continuing the important work of the TFSS mission. 

She has spent her extensive career offering empathetic leadership, carrying her skills through unprecedented, changing times like the COVID-19 pandemic. She comes with significant experience in organizational development, employee engagement, crisis management, talent acquisition and compensation strategy. She currently oversees strategic leadership for a global law firm with 21 locations and over 1400 attorneys and employees worldwide. In addition to people leadership, Kathleen has garnered an array of bylines, speaking opportunities and awards. She and her family live in San Diego.

Paulo Batista



Paulo’s outstanding customer service and leadership skills have spanned many different industries, nationwide, from fitness to security to cosmetology, the arts, education and retail. He is now a Target property manager. A 36-year old transgender male, Paulo is a 12 -year fitness athlete and body builder, Paulo trains in the gym as a competitive bodybuilder and has competed in numerous competitions. His passion lies in helping others understand fitness and advocating in simplicity. He also serves as a mentor for trans youth and a fierce transgender activist.

Joan Irving​



Joan is the proud parent of a non-binary trans masculine child. She was first introduced to TFSS when she sought education, resources and support. Joan has personally witnessed the shift among families from anxiety, worry and lack of knowledge to a place of loving calm and resilience. She is also a Board Member for the Escondido Arts Partnership and has been a major contributor to the arts community and brings her experience, energy, passion and expertise to TFSS, driven by the mission to foster a clear vision of advocacy for the future.

Michael PJ Dillaway​



Michael, a proud parent of a trans teen, has been on the beneficiary end of TFSS and serves on the board in order to give back to the community by providing strategic guidance to an organization that he sees as a lifeline to many families. His professional background includes financial and investment advising, as well as employee leadership. Michael lives in North San Diego County with his family.

Laura Gonzalez-Garcia



Laura joined the TFSS family after finding our organization through her search for family resources and support, as her son began his journey through gender transition. Through TFSS, Laura’s family not only found a means of navigation, but they also connected with an entire community of families who shared in their similar experiences. Now, Laura brings her mission to bridge the goals of TFSS to the Latinx community, along with her leadership skills and experience, to our organization and all of its efforts. Laura has served as a parent-and-community liaison, where she provided assistance and information to parents in all aspects of student registration, placement and community resources. She extended her efforts to connect the Special Education department and the parents of students with special needs. Laura has been a natural leader in her community, and in her many other professional achievements

Veronica Zerrer



Veronica is a retired US Army Major & transitioned in 1998. Her professional experience includes military, civilian government & nonprofit executive level positions. Veronica’s served seniors, the disabled, homeless, & the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. She was the Director of Development for the Orange County LGBT Community Center, was on the board of the LA Chapter of ACLU, and currently is Board President for The Neutral Corner Inc., a local transgender nonprofit organization.

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