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Gender Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom

  Below is a link to an informative article entitled “Gender Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom,” which was co-written by TransFamily Support Services board member, Charles Goehring Ph.D, and activist Hillary Whittington.  Both authors are parents of transgender children. An excerpt about the article: We understand gender diversity as the notion that issues of[…]


TFSS Board VP Inducted In LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor

  TransFamily Support Services is proud to announce that Veronica Zerrer, the Vice President of the Board of Directors, was inducted into the LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor at a ceremony held in San Diego on November 10, 2016. Veronica is a retired United States Army Major. She split her professional life between the Army[…]


San Diego City Beat Honors Kathie Moehlig

On any given day, Executive Director, Kathie Moehlig may be in Hillcrest and/or Oceanside for meetings at one of the LGBT centers, educating a group of educators about transgender issues, helping the family of a transitioning youth obtain health insurance approval for services, and driving her son to gymnastics. Kathie founded TransFamily Support Services in[…]


Surgery Unburdens Transgender Boy

Surgery Unburdens Transgender Boy April 14, 2016 By Peter Rowe The night before his surgery, Rancho Bernardo’s Sam Moehlig woke up several times. “Then I’d see it’s 2 in the morning and go back to bed.” He rose at 4:30 for breakfast, his last meal before his 2 p.m. operation in a Thousand Oaks clinic.[…]

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Transition Within a Transition

A transition within a transition: learning from San Diego transgender teen Kyler Prescott’s death SAN DIEGO, California – On Monday, May 18, San Diego transgender teen Kyler Prescott died by suicide. He was 14-years-old. Imagining what it feels like to live inside a body that doesn’t feel genuinely yours might be hard to understand for[…]

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Coming Out and “Inviting In”

COMING OUT AND “INVITING IN”: TRANSFAMILY DIRECTOR KATHIE MOEHLIG TALKS ABOUT CHALLENGES FACING TRANSYOUTH March 3, 2016 By Melanie Yarborough At Neutral Corner’s February meeting, Special Guest Speaker Kathie Moehlig gave an inspiring talk on her work as Executive Director of TransFamily Support Services (TFSS), a non profit that assists families and trans youth on their journey. Her discussion touched on[…]


Mom of Trans Teen Pushes for Resources

Mom of Trans Teen Pushes for Resources That Could Have Saved Her Son Kathie Moehlig, who helped the Prescotts through their darkest hour, has started a new family advocacy organization. JULY 3, 2015 Katherine Prescott’s transgender son, Kyler, took his own life after being bullied online. Still in mourning since his death in May, Prescott is urging people[…]

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San Diego Teen Shares Struggle

San Diego Transgender Teen Shares Struggle With Gender Identity Monday, June 29, 2015 By Marissa Cabrera, Maureen Cavanaugh, Peggy Pico Sam Moehlig’s 11th birthday was unlike any he had before. It was the first time he was addressed as a boy. Sam, who was born Samantha, had battled depression and anxiety over gender identity struggles. The[…]

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Braver than Caitlyn Jenner?

JUNE 6, 2015 Like teens everywhere, Rancho Bernardo’s Sam Moehlig can’t wait for school to end. He’ll play video games, hone his martial arts skills, perhaps visit his favorite place, Disneyland. Another highlight: In July, this 14-year-old who was a girl at birth will undergo surgery to remove breast tissue. “When I found out I[…]

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First Child Treated at Local Clinic Talks

SAN DIEGO – For the first time, the first child to be treated at a local clinic for transgender youth is talking about his trip back from the abyss. From his Star Wars themed bedroom to a busy schedule which includes gymnastics and other sports, Sam seems like your typical 14-year-old boy. But Sam has not lived[…]